June 21 - July 22


Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Key features: mood swings, sensitivity, thrift, care, introversion
Best match: Scorpio, Pisces


The water is the element of Cancer and as such is this a symbol of the unconscious. Cancers are therefore prone to frequent mood swings that emanate from their unconscious mind. They are often abducted by their feelings because they do not have them completely under control. The joy and the sorrow alternate each other regularly as the land and the water does. Cancer is a big dreamer who has a lot of inspiration and ideas ... (more)


The strong sentimentality of Cancer prompt him to seek the security. Therefore, relationships are more important than anything else for a Cancer man (as well as for all other zodiac signs bound to the water element). The way how Cancer exchanges the feelings between him and other people basically determines whether his basic reactions are positive or negative. Man born under the sign of Cancer often defies ... (more)


For a woman born in the sign of Cancer is the need for certainty, safety and protection extremely important. This woman tends to the family, to the home and to the solidarity. Her “tribal” sense is sometimes nearly endless. Cancer is often associated with the childhood and childishness. Typical personality traits of the Cancer woman are also introversion, reflection of the past, introspective, inner immersion ... (more)

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