Cancer Characteristics

June 21 - July 22



Mood swings

The water is the element of Cancer and as such is this a symbol of the unconscious. Cancers are therefore prone to frequent mood swings that emanate from their unconscious mind. They are often abducted by their feelings because they do not have them completely under control. The joy and the sorrow alternate each other regularly as the land and the water. Cancer is a big dreamer who has a lot of inspiration and ideas, but he or she can easily succumb to depression when dreams suddenly go away. Their characteristic nature is creative but cautious.

Introvert character

People born under the sign of Cancer are not usually greedy for winning the public recognition as extroverted Leos. They rather like the modest behavior. Thanks to their conservative nature Cancers are not very supportive of change and adventure. Conservatism and moderation are one of their characteristics features. They may sometimes miss the interesting and lucrative opportunities because they are not able to quickly go forward.

Sensitive soul

When you find a Cancer in a bad mood, it is often not because of anger, but because he or she is disappointed with the life. The feelings are their Achilles heel. As the saying goes: "the word is mightier than the sword" – so an inappropriate remark can easily hurt the Cancer. When this happens, they withdraw into solitude. Rarely will Cancer take the revenge. Cancers use their claws primarily for defence, not for attacking others, what is also the important characteristic feature.

Because people born under the sign of Cancer are really sensitive, others like to share secrets with them. But the empathy of Cancer is very sophisticated, therefore they are often able to anticipate what people want tell to them before it is really spoken. And with the help of the rich imagination he or she can easily discover all the important details that you had deliberately concealed.

Keeps the secrets

People born under the sign of Cancer likes to learn everything about you, but on the other hand, they will rarely talk about their own private lives. They still have hard shell that protects their naked body.


It is not easy to convince the Cancer to give up something, what he really likes or cares about. It may be a desire, person or thing. Whether it is a good job or an old cracked cup from the childhood, when it grips in the claws, characteristically the Cancer will not let it go. Did you know that in the wild a new claw will grow to the crayfish, if it looses the original one? And the same applies to the person born under the sign of Cancer. When he or she looses a beloved thing, it will hurt more than others, but Cancer will certainly cope with it.

Money and material goods

Cancer loves home safety and financial security. “Hurry slowly” is the characteristic life motto of this zodiac sign. While travelling, it is always important to have the real home for return. He or she has never enough money and material goods, because you can not know what disaster may come in the future and frustrate even the best plans. Cancers want to be ready. Just as he or she will take the tender care of flourishing garden, they will be carefully looking after own bank account. And if some Cancer tells you that he or she is broke, it probably means that they still have a small gold bar from the grandmother in the vault or a backup account in Swiss francs for the time of an unforeseen war.

Parents and friends

The last important characteristic of Cancer is that people born under this zodiac sign are often caring parents and guardians. They like to avoid the stormy waters and they hate wasting of resources. You will not find many extravagant pleasure seekers among their good friends. And if someone like that lives in their neighbourhood, Cancers have a poor opinion about such person.

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