Cancer Woman

June 21 - July 22


Cancer Woman

For a woman born in the sign of Cancer is the need for certainty, safety and protection extremely important. This woman tends to the family, to the home and to the solidarity. Her “tribal” sense is sometimes nearly endless. Cancer is often associated with the childhood and childishness. Typical personality traits of the Cancer woman are also introversion, reflection of the past, introspective, inner immersion and resting in itself. The Cancer woman wants to have a carefree journey into the world.

Personality Traits

Her personality is shy and tender, her planet is the Moon and the element is water, so the ideal would be a walk in the moonlight night along the river (strolling on the beach can be much better, of course, but such event could quite possibly soften the heart of every woman, not only Cancer’s). She will not confide you certainly soon, rather, you can confess to her on your first appointment. If you are looking for a really serious relation, the Cancer woman will know everything about you sooner or later, so why to not help her expectations a little already at the first date.

When the Cancer woman is hurt by anyone, she is able to go to the mall, to make herself happy and forget the pain. Otherwise, she will be the thrifty housewife and definitely spend less than she earn.

Regarding the courtship and the wooing, it is very likely that she will not make the first step, but it will have to be yours. A typical Cancer usually hesitates and moves sideways (like a genuine crab), so it is very likely that you will have to move first. Get ready for the fact that her mood changes as the lunar phase. Thus, moodiness and unpredictability are the typical personality traits of a Cancer woman. You must therefore be able to comfort her in the moments of doubts – when a Cancer woman hesitates whether she is really beautiful, whether she can cook or whether you really love her. But if she will indeed fall in love with you, she will with the claws tenaciously hold on you perhaps forever.

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