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To talk about love between Cancer and Leo is like walking through the minefield. Cancer women are a bit hypersensitive while Leo men are adequately proud. This combination of zodiac signs does not lower the compatibility and overall love prospects, but it only makes the romantic relationship more explosive. However, the occasional volatility outweighs the charming energy stemming from such mixture.

The reverse case, love of Cancer man and Leo woman, is not very different. The contrast may be that having a determined and tenacious Leo woman is sometimes exhausting for the clever but sensitive Cancer man. Nevertheless, the overall love compatibility remains the same, namely very good.
One last thing you should know about this love relationship: these couples are very good in surprising each other. Cancer is usually more mysterious than Leo and awaits the investigative and truth-seeking initiative from the counterpart. Cancer wants to be discovered, but will not put off the mask voluntarily.

Leo, on the other hand, likes to show strength as well as sweetness. Leo may pretend to be a small household pet when falling in love, but do not trust to this initial pretence. His or her claws and fangs are hidden but sharp! Leo is not, by its own nature, an animal suitable to be trained and tamed. Leo's essence is and will remain always wild.


Sex is very important for the healthy relationship. Cancer likes touching soft materials and a savage orgy on a haystack will surely not be a good idea. If you want to seduce Cancer, please think about silk, aromatic candle and maybe a drop of fine liqueur or cognac. That is, of course,  just for your inspiration, but remove from your list all leather, iron or rubber stuff requisites unless your Cancer mate will ask openly for them.

Leo is more straightforward. As a genuine predatory mammal, Leo usually relaxes for long periods of time, but once this beast is provoked or excited, you will see the overwhelming sexual energy and vigour!

Sex is also spiritual and transformative. The truth is, that both zodiac signs may know each other better after one silent hour spent in bed, than after one year sitting in the same school desk.

Cancer Leo Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


Please, keep in mind, that marriage cannot repair any broken relationship (from time to time some couples tend to solve problems with the extraordinary idea, that marriage is some miraculous remedy, a glue that will keep shards of the relationship together, but this is of course nonsense).

Actually, Cancer and Leo can pursuit only one way how to develop and maintain the happy marriage – to build it bit by bit as a complex structure, as an elaborate and famous Lego structure. It does not matter whether the set of bricks may, according to the manual, help you build an old castle, a fire station or a spaceship. Important is only the aim of Cancer and Leo to work together, to cooperate, to help each other and thus thrive and prosper in marriage.  

Marriage may also sound old fashioned to many. It can look like a superfluous lace on your dress. But the truth is it has deep meaning and symbolic value. Cancer and Leo are compatible and therefore marriage may be an important and beneficial step of their relationship.


Leo is keen on showing generosity. If you are planning to date Leo, be sure that no Scrooge McDuck will appear! Maybe he or she will tell you about the first "lucky dime", but please do not bother with the question "Who will pay the dinner?"

Cancer, despite the fact that he or she may had more than 100 acquaintances before, will always act inexperienced and "untouched".

Both, Leo and Cancer, are very compatible in dating. They consider this activity as very pleasing. But usually you have to find what are the appropriate roles for you and him / her. Are you looking for a funny plot while dating? Let's be inspired by Bridget & Mark (Bridget Jones's Diary). Would you like to protect or rescue someone? Let's be inspired by Vivian & Edward (Pretty Woman). Do you like tragic ending? Let's be inspired by Rose & Jack (Titanic). If this is not enough, just unleash your imagination and think about many other movies you know (Anna & Will – Notting Hill, Jane & John – Mr & Mrs Smith ...)

Break up

One day you are greeting each other and the other you are saying good bye. The fate is full of twists and no declared compatibility is a 100% success guarantee. The breakup is not the end of the world (even if it may seem like this at the beginning). Leo and Cancer are more than others capable of new beginnings and the breakup has often similar effect like a beam of light which passes through the cloudy sky and touches your face. It warms your cheeks and it encourages you to close your eyes, stay for a while and then search for more of this amazing energy.


If you toss a coin, is it better to get head or tail? The answer is: it does not matter (unless you bet with someone about the result). Similarly, in the case you have been born under the sign of Leo, is it better to fall in love with Cancer or just to be friends? It is up to you! Both is perfect. One thing is sure, to have Leo and Cancer close to each other is simply wonderful.

The Friendship may help you build your muscles as well as to get the Cambridge degree. Leo and Cancer are very flexible in friendship. Whether you want to open new beauty salon, build a tent or to study Buddhist philosophy, you can always rely on your friend. He or she will show you the right path or hand the hammer or the screwdriver.

Did your grandmother broke her leg and you are unfortunately on holiday? No problem! Your reliable friend will help her to take out the garbage and buy fresh food. Have you burned your back while sunbathing? No problem! Your good friend will help you to get the proper cooling cream and even to put it on such inaccessible place. The Leo – Cancer friendship compatibility is simply unique. Be grateful for it.

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