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What is typical for love between Cancer and Virgo? It is the ability to forgive! Both zodiac signs are aware of the fact, that nobody is perfect and that good and bad moments alternate each other, as the sun replaces the moon on the sky every day and night. Well, if you want to love somebody, you have to love him or her exactly as they are. People are not made from plasticine and you must accept that, otherwise one disappointment will follow the other.

Virgo and Cancer respect each other. Cancer is usually more concentrated on tangible wealth (imagine a rich garden) whereas Virgo is the spiritual flower that needs such peaceful environment. Nice couple, "hand in hand", the love of both is like the sap of trees (Virgo) and plants living on such fertile soil (Cancer).

Thanks to love, man and women born under these zodiac signs are capable of strong empathy and communication without words. The Virgo's mind seems to be wirelessly connected with the Cancer's soul. Capable of transferring ideas and feelings in utter silence. In spiritual sense, you can consider these two zodiac sign as absolutely compatible.

The love of Virgo and Cancer has also positive impact on the critical evaluation – the man, as well as the woman, see the glass usually as half full rather than half empty (both are satisfied with the reality, that is often imperfect). That makes the couple naturally happier.


Virgo and Cancer are two "platonic giants". They do not hurry in matters of sex. For an unbiased observer seeing both in bed can resemble a slow-motion movie. But only from the beginning. After a while you will be surprised, that these naked bodies are melting together in one unified shape; in one inseparable whole – and that is, of course, the best sign of sexual compatibility.

Sex is more like a “hobby” than a genuine “obsession”. To find Cancer and Virgo older than 30 and absolutely devoted to sex, that is rare as finding a giraffe with a knot on the long neck. In other words, sex is important and very pleasant part of life, but Virgo and Cancer praise other intangible values even more. Nevertheless, sex may not help only by merging the organic matter and securing  offspring, but also by merging the souls.
To have a comfortable chair is very pleasing, but to have a solid roof over the head is almost inevitable. And the same applies to the Virgo – Cancer compatibility in sex (… it is the very pleasing part of their life).

Cancer Virgo Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


Life is full of invention. Once humans found fire, then invented candles, then bulbs, then fluorescent lamps and now we have LED technology. But there are also fully functional innovations, that are in fact “immortal”. Consider the wheel. You can use many different materials to construct it, it can differ is size immensely, but the principle stays always the same. The marriage is no exception – it may vary in the form of its expression but the essence remains the same, namely the unique bond between the man and the woman.

Virgo and Cancer consider marriage as something clean and intense. To avoid chaos, the world must be organized in some way or another (there are countless possibilities from the “pecking order” to the “flat organization”). But marriage is the very traditional and reliable system, how man and woman can live together. Yet, for Cancer and Virgo marriage still keeps some sacred invisible aura. Both zodiac signs are compatible and their marriage has good chance to last long.


The most important proof of the compatibility in dating is the first impression. It is crucial, whether the first moments can give the shivers to both zodiac signs. If yes, the chemistry is working! Although it does not say much about the prospect of such relationship, being nervous a bit is always a sign, that there is something going on ("the quarrel of lovers is renewal of love" applies not only for old acquaintances).

Dating is often considered as a leisure activity, as a part of relaxation and amusement. But in the case of Cancer and Virgo, that both like manual activities, it is not a bad idea trying to test the aptness and practical skills of the other. It may be a bit odd and funny, but think about giving the other a special task – something like embroider the name on a handkerchief, fold a jigsaw puzzle with your photo or build a three-story house of cards. Simply sad: be active while dating and do not be afraid to play the role of the tutor.

Break up

Relationships come and go – even good horoscope and excellent forecast based on mutual compatibility may not save the unfortunate relationship. In case of the breakup do not try to find who is to blame. Usually there is no black and white cause (people may think one is the unfortunate donkey, and the other the bad cunning fox).

Of course, if man and woman raise children together, that can be a real difficulty to solve during the process of breakup. Divorced or not, you should make a smooth and short cut. Virgo and Cancer are very emotional and empathetic, but this will not help much during the breakup. On the contrary.

Take the imaginary scissors and cut the rope binding the man’s and the woman’s heart. Try to regulate the pressure in the “steam engine”, because full of hate and feeling of hurt, you will at most explode. But with calm reason Cancer and Virgo can enjoy the relief from the coming freedom very soon.


Both zodiac signs are often gifted with special aesthetic feeling, and therefore the appreciation of particular design may say a lot not only about your taste, but even about the friendship compatibility. Do you both like the teapot from which you are drinking the tea? Do you both enjoy  the colours, style and smell of the garden where do you sit? What about your neighbours, do they seem horrible to both of you? Follow such intuitive question. Probably you will discover, that you share even more values and opinions than you have ever expected.

The friendship between Virgo and Cancer seems to be strong and stable as an old oak. Both zodiac signs are reliable. And the trustworthiness is one from the core values that keeps those friends firmly together.

The friendship between Virgo man and Cancer woman is like the combination of thunder and carrot – the carrot is healthy and it sharpens your sight, as well as this friendship does, but the deafening thunder is an inevitable part of every changeable weather and you have to count with it.

The friendship between Virgo woman and Cancer man is like the combination of fax machine and hammer – both friends are keen on writing a lot to each other, but actually such frequent activity produces two things: either your words will be worth of nailing on the wall or the other, surprised with your bold and ironic statements, will rap you on the knuckles. Usually both will happen from time to time.

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